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The Fantastic Plastics, Terminus Victor, Black Esther, Bristle 10/18

October 18, 2019 07:30 PM

The Fantastic Plastics (Peoria, IL) - Sci-Fi Pop

The Fantastic Plastics are a Neo-New Wave band (formerly) based in NYC. Describing themselves as “The Future of The Future”, the Fantastic Plastics mix new wave, synth punk, and electro elements with Orwellian and Sci-Fi inspired lyricism. The band is a two piece live act, featuring video installations, custom costumes, and sing-along anthems.

The Fantastic Plastics were on Van's Warped Tour 2017 and have performed at SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon, Northside Festival, Pygmalion Festival, The Knitting Factory, The Cake Shop NYC, and have toured coast to coast. The band has been featured by BlankTV, AXS, Diffuser.FM, The Village Voice, The Deli, Baeble Music, and more. In 2015, they released their Debut LP “Devolver” on Altercation Records. They are currently preparing their long awaited full length follow-up with a release date scheduled for 2019.

Formed in 2009 in Champaign, Illinois, the Fantastic Plastics relocated to Brooklyn in 2012. After Van's Warped tour in 2017 the band relocated to Peoria Illinois to focus on touring and recording. The live show consists of Miranda Plastic on Moog Synth, Theremin, and Vocals with Tyson Plastic on Guitar and Vocals. “Fifth Beatle” Dylan Plastic provides studio drums, bass, samples, video editing, and mesmerizing video installations.

This will be their first show after the release of their NEW album!

Terminus Victor (Champaign, IL) Post-Punk, Alternative

"The easiest way to describe them is plainly a wall of sound. These guys hit you like a tidal wave and when a song ends, you are left wanting more."  [-Brian Campbell]

Joy Divison, My Bloody Valentine, Slint and more are influential ingredients in the wall of sound recipe cooked up by Scott Kimble [Bass/Vocals], Don King [Guitar], and Terry Wathen [Drums].  More generally described as a blend of rock, alternative rock, post-punk, and shoegaze, Terminus Victor music is both immediate and insidious. Their tastes become known through the band's music and lyrics that communicate powerful yet vulnerable expressions of raw emotion, insecurities and empathy with the pain and beauty of life as common people. Post-grunge anti-rockstar, Kimble, with his omnipresent dark hat and black fingernails casts a somewhat dark figure, and he has a ghost like ability to disappear from a room when he was standing here just a second ago. Like a dedicated chef and his staff that work unseen in the kitchen, Kimble savors the process to create songs that taste good to the ears and are memorable to the palette. His creative mindset suffuses into his home kitchen where he makes a burger taste better with mouth watering recipes like his Yucky Burger with teriyaki and Zeke Burger with tzatziki sauce.

When he reappears on stage, Kimble plays a modified three string bass with roaring rhythmic style as he sings a range of dynamic to soaring vocals. He is mindful to empower his band mates with space to add their flavors to the mix. Kimble's lifelong friend, King, is his counter opposite. Nattily adorned in a suit and tie, he joyfully kneads the fret board amplified by chiming stereo guitar tone. Their opposite worlds of artful and technical minds are a combination where each feels enriched by the other through mutual influence. Round out the three course menu with Wathen who has a forte to find sought-after drum treasures and collect them from forgotten and dusty places.  He always arrives with a superb sounding flavor-of-the-day snare selected from his floor to ceiling stacks.  Originally from Chicago, he is a life long drummer who bonds the chemistry of the band with precise dynamic temperatures that underscore his band mates riffs. Together through hundreds of performances, this band blends their secret ingredients of sounds and songs that build and share delectable energy, excitement and interconnection with audiences.

Terminus Victor is from the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana, IL.  Kimble and King started as a duo in 2000 with a ferocious mechanical drum machine named 'She'.  Like Steve Albini’s breakthrough rock act, Big Black, (the also drummerless) Terminus Victor explored/exploited the notion of combining man and machine.  After ‘She’ moved to Portland in 2006, Wathen joined the band.  Fans who loved the 100% performance energy level with ‘She’ measured a boost to 150% with the addition of Wathen's dynamic drumming. At the same time, politely retracting not to offend the work done with ‘She’.

Nicknamed Tvic, this band thrives on inspiration “the music is in here [point to heart] and it has got to come out!”.  Their creative process rolls on with a new menu of songs nearly completed for their next planned record and future release.  This band is tight and performs with fervent passion and intensity for energized audiences of tens to hundreds.  Tvic gets invited back to venues and festivals like repeat invitations to Cobrafest by Matt Talbott of HUM and benefit shows like the annual Great Cover Up for community causes like Girls Rock, CU One-to-One Mentoring Program and benefit shows to raise healthcare support for people.  Terminus Victor lives by their motto that whoever comes to a show was meant to be there and each person will be given Tvic’s best.

This will be Terminus Victor's nightshop debut!

Black Esther (Bloomington, IL) - Indie, Electronic

After toiling away for years, Black Esther finally got serious in 2012 and released a 5-track EP titled "Television." Computers, synthesizers, & hipsters, Black Esther is one of the most exciting (and fun) acts to grace our stage recently!

Bristle (Champaign, IL) - Alternative, Fusion Punk, Indie Rock

Bristle formed in 2016 in Champaign, IL to showcase their up-tempo power rock style of original music to music lovers everywhere. Welcome Bristle to their nightshop debut!

Doors: 6PM

Music: 7:30PM

Cover: $7

All Ages Until 10PM, Under 21 Okay After 10 w/ Parent