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The Burst and Bloom, Retail Smile, Lysergic Deity, Hollowhouse 2/23

February 23, 2020 07:30 PM

The Burst and Bloom (Chicago, IL) - Rock and Roll

Hey there,

We are a four piece band from Chicago.

A band full of chosen family.

We write music to help us bridge the gap where words fall short.

Each song holds a feeling or memory that we had to put out in the world whether it is to help ourselves, a friend, or a random person that just needs to hear the right words.

Sometimes those words can motivate, and sometimes those words can make you feel at that moment that you are not a lone.

Sometimes music is all someone has. For the four of us, music is all we need.

We are...

The Burst and Bloom.

Retail Smile (Bloomington, IL) - Rock

Retail Smile is crewed by three friends who used to live together. Casey and Aaron used to play in a sweet-ass metal band called Ephemeral Order, while Rob mostly refuses to admit he was vocals for Aaron's band in high school. Aaron and Casey eventually convinced Rob to hang out with them in their abandoned warehouse, and surprisingly a band was born.

Lysergic Deity (Bloomington, IL) - Electronic, Break Stuff

You haven't seen anything like Lysergic Deity! You can dance, but it's especially visceral. Side note, most likely to get banned from social media? Yes.

Hollowhouse (Tampa, FL/Roving IT work) - Singer-Songwriter

Hollowhouse is the performing name of a gent named Ian who visits the area for work from time to time. He'll be performing songs from a forthcoming recording, and who knows, he might have a guest with him!


Doors: 6PM

Music: 7PM

Cover: $6

All Ages Until 10PM