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Minsk (Relapse Records), Varaha (Prosthetic Records), Bruges (mbrs Angry Gods, DEN, Moral Void), Cloud Cruiser (mbrs Werepire Day, Dripping Slits, Snuffed, etc.) 5/17

Minsk (Peoria, IL/Chicago, IL/Sebastopol, CA) - Metal, Progressive, Psychedelic 

From the fortress to the river, arisen
Over plains and mountains
To the redwoods, then the ocean, ENDURE.

Through turmoil and turbulence
Distance and time
For the wounded, recover, OVERCOME.

Still waters deceive
Enlisted, we dance
The fire burns, but hidden.

The promised land of prophecy was purgatory too.
We convulsed and beat the earth
Now the work and the world become one.

Renewed over myth, we forget what we know
Reborn, and grateful for the scars of battle
Sound the alarm, this city of truth to discover.

All rise, let us tremble
For the day is nigh at hand
We shall

(written by Jonathan Wright, a true friend and a brother on the path)

Minsk has been cultivating sonic exploration and alchemical outpourings since 2002. This will be their nightshop debut, one day before playing Dark Lord Day w/ High On Fire, Nuclear Assault, & Power Trip! These guys get HEAVY. See for yourself!

Varaha (Chicago, IL) - Atmospheric Metal

Varaha's music is a cinematic journey that defies genre limitations, and immerses us in its evocative, dynamic, and melancholic moods. They've recently signed to Prosthetic Records, and will soon be releasing a new LP, "A Passage For Lost Years"! They're coming down w/ Minsk, don't miss Varaha!

Bruges (Chicago, IL) - Noise Rock, Sludge

Members of Angry Gods, Den, and Moral Void paying worship to repetitive noise. Use earplugs! Also, we're excited!

Cloud Cruiser (Chicago, IL) - Desert Rock, Stoner Rock, Psychedelic 

Cloud Cruiser is a concept based Desert Rock band from Chicago, IL. Our first installment is titled “I: Capacity” We followthe story of a young man on a quest for flight. He is illuminated, but only for a brief time. Returned unfit, he is only a piece of the puzzle that unfolds. The journey is boundless. Cloud Cruiser is made up of familiar faces, founding members of Dripping Slits, & Ryan from Werepire Day, Snuffed, etc.!

Doors: 6PM

Music: 8PM

Cover:$8 Advance Tickets available at the attached link/$10 At the door

All Ages Until 10PM