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Flora, Black Esther, Hollowhouse 11/10

November 10, 2019 07:30 PM

Flora (Chicago, IL) - Pop w/ bits-o-Rock, New Wave, Jazz, Classical

Flora is the brainchild of longtime Chicago-based friends Ryan O'Toole and Max Miller. Drawing from elements of 1960's - 70's pop-rock, new wave, and disco, Flora offers a modern spin on timeless pop music. Their debut album 'A Sword of Holly' is out now.

Black Esther (Bloomington, IL) - Indie, Electronic

Black Esther is the product of honest introspection and self expression. Created by Bryan Byers to fill the void of creativity in his life, the music has grown into more than just a way to escape.

It is therapy. It is confession. It is connection.

Bryan lays bare his soul through infectious electronic music overlaid with catchy hooks and sincere lyrics. This life is hard, but it's beautiful, too.

Hollowhouse (Tampa, FL/Roving IT work) - Singer-Songwriter

Hollowhouse is the performing name of a gent named Ian who visits the area for work from time to time. He'll be performing songs from a forthcoming recording, and who knows, he might have a guest with him!

Doors: 6PM

Music: 7:30PM

Cover: $6

All Ages Until 10PM