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Eric Paul, Miss Christine, Talent Show, The Unemployed Architects, Hot Sauce Universe 10/17

October 17, 2019 07:00 PM

This mixed genre bill is stacked! Join us for a fun, high quality Thursday show!

Eric Paul (Nashville, TN) - Rock, Blues, Pop, Soul

Eric Paul was born on the morning of August 5th, 1987. He is a Blues/Pop/Rock artist and singer-songwriter. Eric's strength as a musician is in his guitar playing, but he is also versed in piano and bass. Raised listening to the soulful tones of Hendrix, head banging of Def Leppard, and classic rock legends his father introduced him to, Eric has developed a sound of his own. His gritty, bluesy guitar licks are enhanced by sultry yet edgy, melodic vocals. Add the catchy hooks he writes and you have a blues-rock experienced wrapped in soul that won’t leave your head for days. We're eager to welcome Eric back after an amazing Spring performance!

Miss Christine (Nashville, TN) - Rock, Alternative, Post-Punk Revival

Miss Christine: Confident, catchy, and queer. Christine Moad had achieved the musician’s dream: Success as an internationally touring bassist and many side gigs back in Nashville. There was just one problem: She was unfulfilled. It took courage to leave it all behind. Heading back to her native Iowa, Christine explored the inner workings of her mind. Meditation became part of her daily routine. She became grateful beyond words for the healing power of the Now. Stargazing in the flyover state beside her library of Beatles memorabilia, she crafted the foundations of her debut record “Conversion.” The album was written in a year and recorded in a day. Passionate in-the-moment energy from the band is enhanced by a poetic and vulnerable style of songwriting throughout the album’s 12 tracks. Christine’s free spirit and positive attitude are sowing the seeds of self-acceptance for a new generation of women, men, and others. Miss Christine is a boss, and we're stoked to bring her back!

Talent Show (Lincoln, NE) - Indie Pop, Dream Pop

Talent Show is four young men of average height, build, and intelligence creating Indie Pop music. Listening to their songs, we think they'll fit quite well into the nightshop family!

The Unemployed Architects (Bloomington, IL) - Rock, Folk, Adult Alternative

The Unemployed Architects started in the small town of Pontiac, IL. They all went to high school together playing in different groups and bands before deciding to try something different. A year out of high school, now based out of Bloomington IL, they started doing shows all over the Midwest. They have two different singer-songwriters that come from very different musical backgrounds and come together to really encompass a wide range of sounds. They have been making music for around 8 years now and have recently released their first full length album “Design to Shine” (2015). The Unemployed Architects could be your new favorite band!

Hot Sauce Universe (Bloomington, IL) - Acoustic Funk, Living Room Jam Band

Audiences continually describe their stage presence as mesmerizing. Their connection, their chemistry, their vibe draws people in as they push each other musically, taking risks in improvisation and allowing each performance to be completely different than the one before. Every show is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Jenae creates a groovin pocket using a slap-top cajon while crooning, belting, or quick spitting her heartfelt lyrics, even throwing in the occasional mouth-horn solo.

Jay takes the acoustic guitar into new territory with his sophisticated chord voicings, percussive attack, and an array of electronic effects including a loop pedal, wah, and distortion.

Hot Sauce Universe is a funky jammin, soul singin, guitar rippin, good vibe bringin, thought provoking, married acoustic duo, and we at nightshop LOVE them!

Doors: 6PM

Music: 7PM

Cover: $5

All Ages Until 10PM/Under 21 Okay After 10 w/ Parent