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Berchtold & Stear, Feathered Mason, Jennifer Jane Niceley 1/23

January 23, 2020 07:00 PM

David Berchtold and Brian Stear of Berchtold & Stear share a special musical chemistry on stage. See and hear for yourself on Jan 23 at Nightshop, 517 N Main St,  Bloomington at 7:00 PM.

A dedicated perfectionist, David Berchtold spent over 25 years diligently practicing his craft, blending his hard driving alternating-thumb playing style with those of his major influences, such as Chet Atkins, Doc Watson, Rev. Gary Davis, Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Gregg Allman, and many, many more.

Brian Stear has played with lots of great musicians, from local coffeehouse regulars to Grammy award winning blues artists like Koko Taylor. A multi-stylist, Brian has the ability to bring exactly what’s needed to the song, adding that “magic” ingredient to the musical recipe.

Together, they make up the acoustic duo, Berchtold & Stear, and their music runs the gamut of San Francisco Folk of the late 60’s, to pre and post-war Piedmont and Delta blues, to their own acoustic interpretations of rock classics, to David’s tasty original tunes like “Things I’ve Seen” and his award wining instrumental “Serenity.” 

Feathered Mason (Nashville, TN) - Americana, Roots, Experimental

Feathered Mason is a longtime musician and award winning songwriter born a couple decades too late to a French mother and Midwestern father deep in the heart of Illinois. While early influences such as Hendrix, Zeppelin and Black Sabbath shaped his early blues psychedelic rock sound on guitar, regular trips to France listening to his twin uncles sing harmony & strum guitar secured a place in his heart for folk music. Many a band and decades later, after also emerging himself in the bluegrass community on banjo then finding his own slide of the country blues hill fingerpick’n on resonator guitars the Feathered Mason has taken flight! Now calling Nashville home – a true homecoming for an American roots lover & artist – his 2nd release, Feathered Mason – Limbo Boy, is available. It’s raw and genuine just like him.

Jennifer Jane Niceley (Nashville, TN) - Folk

Tennessee songwriter Jennifer Jane Niceley pens jazz-hued folk with deep roots in southern soul and western twang --like a campfire ballad sung as sweet and slow as a torch song...

Doors: 5:30PM

Music: 7PM

Cover: $7 for our performers

All Ages Until 10PM